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Sports Betting with Cryptocurrencies

The use of Bitcoins has been growing a lot over the past few years, especially after the great growth of cryptocurrencies. If investing in this asset is not something so simple, it has a gigantic value.

And did you know that you can deposit in bookmakers using Bitcoin? This is a good way to put money on your favorite betting site and still guarantee a nice bankroll, isn’t it? So let’s understand how to do it.

How to bet with Bitcoins on bookmakers?

To bet with Bitcoins at the bookmakers, everything is very simple. The deposit process is strictly the same that we have in the regular platforms, such as bank transfer or wire transfer, for example.

The only difference is that you will select Bitcoin as the deposit method before confirming the amount of your transaction. To make things clearer, we have separated three bookmakers that accept cryptocurrency as a deposit method. Make sure to choose the top sportsbooks accepting bitcoin deposits.

How to bet with Bitcoins at Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is one of the favorite bookmakers for gamblers. Besides having the best odds in the market, it also accepts Bitcoin deposits. Take the opportunity to create your account using the button below.

How to deposit?

Pinnacle is one of the best bookmakers currently available on the market. Not by chance, many professional bettors use this platform. And this is one of the betting sites where you can use your Bitcoins when depositing.

After logging into your account, use the green button in the top menu to start the deposit process, as shown below. It will direct you to the deposit options on the screen.

Next, notice that there are seven options for you to deposit. One of them is Bitcoin, as highlighted in red in the next image. Click on this icon to proceed with the transfer. Now, Pinnacle will open a pop-up asking you how you want to deposit your Bitcoins on the platform. Use the blue button, as highlighted again.

The next step is to again select Bitcoin as the deposit method. This is a process of the platform system that only after the previous steps directs us to an external payment area. Finally, enter the amount you want to deposit (in reais) and click send, both areas highlighted in red in the image below. That’s it! Now just continue filling out the data as they are requested.

How to bet with Bitcoins at Betmotion?

Betmotion is another reliable betting site that accepts Bitcoin. Therefore, it is the right place for you to start betting with cryptocurrencies. Click on the button below and don’t worry: the Betmotion website will open in a new tab, without interrupting your reading.

How to deposit?

Another bookmaker that accepts Bitcoins for your first deposit is Betmotion. Again, everything starts with a click on the green button to deposit, as illustrated below.

Before choosing the deposit method at Betmotion, make sure about the selected country. In our case, since we are in Brazil, this was the chosen nation. If this is not your first transfer, this option will already be saved in your account.

Next, you will have two options to select the deposit: bank transfer and E-Wallets. Select the latter, as this is where Bitcoin will be.

Finally, we can then select Bitcoin (it usually comes as the first option and is therefore pre-chosen), enter the desired amount, and click deposit. Again, just follow the instructions from this point on to complete the transaction.

Important: next to the amount, in the previous image, there is a checkbox to apply the bonus offered by Betmotion. If you do not want to use it, keep it unchecked. On the other hand, if this bonus interests you, do not forget to activate it before depositing.

How to bet with Bitcoins at

The is a bookmaker more recent in Brazil, but that follows with ample potential for growth. Take advantage that the house accepts Bitcoins to start using this platform.

How to deposit? is the third example of a bookmaker that accepts Bitcoins as a transfer method. However, unlike the previous sites, their process is a little bit different. To start your deposit, again use the highlighted green button in the top menu.

The deposit methods presented will depend on the currency you choose. Use the image below as a reference to select Bitcoin. Here, pay attention to the choice, because does not convert to other currencies, if that is your intention.

Now, use the QR Code presented and follow the step-by-step on the site to finalize your deposit with Bitcoins.

See how easy it is to start betting with Bitcoins?

Once you finalize your deposit with Bitcoins, just wait for the processing time and your money to fall into the account of the chosen betting site to start betting. Remember that for other bookmakers you can try this transfer using virtual wallets. To end the article, I will leave links to tutorials on how to bet in each of these betting sites. Once you have a bankroll, the process of placing a bet is the same as any other deposit method.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sites to earn bitcoins?

For fans of sports betting and online casinos, the best option is to bet on sites that accept bitcoins as a form of payment. That is, place sports bets by making a guess on the outcome of soccer games and receiving BTC if the prediction is correct. In our list we have listed the sites that offer BTC bonuses to new users.

How to get a BTC bonus?

Usually, bookmakers that accept Bitcoin offer the bonuses in the currency that the user selected at the time of registration. So, to receive a bonus in bitcoin, simply select the cryptocurrency as the currency unit when registering on the betting site. And by betting with bitcoins, the user enjoys all the advantages of using this cryptocurrency to invest in sports, poker or online casinos.

Which games pay in bitcoin?

There are several websites that accept bitcoins as a monetary unit. Theoretically, all of these pay with the cryptocurrency. But there are specialized bitcoin sites such as 1xBit and