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Crypto credit cards: More and more banks launch crypto business

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The range of crypto services in Europe is growing steadily. In this context, more and more companies are also offering credit cards that allow payment in cryptocurrency. Learn more about the providers here!

The range of crypto services in Europe is growing steadily. In this context, more and more companies are also offering Visa or Mastercard credit cards that enable payment in cryptocurrency.

The exchange into these currencies takes place almost in real time by means of associated apps of the respective providers. In most cases, the payment cards are debit cards. In the following, you will find some well-known providers of crypto credit cards that have already conquered the German market or plan to do so in the near future.

The information given below origins from and the providers’ websites.


Binance is among the world’s leading crypto exchanges. The cryptocurrency exchange platform, which was originally founded in China, is now headquartered in Malta. The company is now announcing its own credit card for August 2020. The Binance Card will be available in all countries of the European Economic Area at launch.

Whether the payment card is supported by Mastercard or Visa depends on the residence of the respective customer. The Binance Card is managed via a dedicated card wallet, which automatically converts the cryptocurrency into fiat during payment transactions.

Fiat currency today refers to money issued by the central bank, such as our euro. The current plan for the market launch is only to issue virtual credit cards, which can then be used via Google Pay, Samsung Pay and online.

However, Binance already confirms the ongoing production of physical versions. Details about the individual conditions of the new crypto credit card, however, are not yet further known. However, due to its function as a middleman, future users of the crypto platform will have to expect fees for currency exchange. Direct payment in Bitcoin without an intermediary will thus remain out of the question for the time being.


Bitwala is a financial service provider from Berlin whose product allows users to manage their Bitcoin and Euro currency together in one place. The bank account is available in a bundle with a debit mastercard and is issued in cooperation with SolarisBank.

The offer thus combines a regular banking service, a bitcoin wallet and integrated crypto trading on one platform. The account management as well as the use of the card are permanently free of charge. Bitwala accepts Bitcoins and Ether as cryptocurrencies, which are stored in separate wallets.

For cryptocurrency trading, 1% of the transaction volume is charged in addition to the applicable network fees. However, Bitwala does not charge any additional fees for bitcoin transfers. In addition, users receive crypto services such as a tax reporting for all cryptocurrency purchases and sales as well as a pre-filled tax return.


TenX is a FinTech based in Singapore that focuses on crypto businesses. The company is characterized in particular by the possibility to pay directly in cryptocurrencies. This eliminates annoying fees as a result of other conversion into fiat.

Currently, its own wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as cryptocurrencies.
TenX had already been planning to launch its own credit card on the market since 2017. In March 2020, the service provider finally announced the launch of the payment card for Austria and Germany after a long wait. The basis for this is an e-money license from Liechtenstein, which provides authorization for the European market.

The TenX Card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd in cooperation with the payment service provider Visa. This background had already led to problems in the past. After a malfunction of the platform, it was therefore no longer possible for users to make payments with their credit card or to purchase Bitcoins with it.

However, Wirecard assured the prioritized security of all invested customer funds after this incident. TenX currently offers a hybrid model for its credit card, which allows cryptocurrency and fiat currency to be managed together in one wallet. is a fast-growing Hong Kong-based startup with a vision to accelerate the transition to crypto transactions worldwide. The platform offers all imaginable services related to cryptocurrency payments. In particular, the broad product portfolio regarding credit cards distinguishes the company in this regard. MCO Visa credit cards have been available in Europe since May 2020.

Due to the wide market coverage in Asia, Europe and the USA, the start-up’s credit cards are currently the most widely used in the world. The payment cards are managed through its own app, which provides all the applications of buying, selling, investing and trading cryptocurrencies. A loan can also be taken out through this. The credit cards are permanently free of charge and available both as classic plastic cards and platinum metal cards in various designs.

In addition, customers receive other notable benefits such as free cash withdrawals, a cashback system and discounts on streaming services such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime. The MCO Visa cards are also issued by Wirecard under license from Visa.

Due to the increasing problems regarding Wirecard, had to limit its activities and functions in June of this year. However, less than a month later, Wirecard received authorization to temporarily resume its payment services. So far, all crypto credit card applications have been reactivated.